Never Lose Track of

Your Parts Again

At DETAGTO we are passionate about recognizing details. With our IRIS-Technology you can trace your parts and products without thinking about markers like barcode or QR-Code ever again. Invisible. Reliable. Forgery-Proof.

In a Nutshell

There are a lot of situations in which well known track and trace solutions can not be used or fail:

• Missing space for markings
• Contractual or regulatory reasons
• Design reasons
• Costs

We can help you to overcome those situations!

Use Cases:

How It Works

Track and trace any object you need anytime you wish with our innovative IRIS-Technology. All you need to do are three simple steps.

1. Take a Picture

Take a surface picture of the object you would like to recognize later. This can be e.g. a molded polymer part, a rolled metall sheet or a piece of paper. No marking is needed! You can do this by using our high quality, yet affordable IRIS camera system.

2. Get an unique ID

The IRIS server will analyse the picture, generate a digital fingerprint and provide an unique object ID. You can couple this service via different interfaces with your production systems. The server can operate on-premise at your production site or in the cloud. Just as you wish!

3. Identify your Objects

Take a picture of the surface again and let the IRIS server identify your object by generating its ID using the digital fingerprint. This will work even if your object has been slightly damaged, scratched or smeared.

Easy to Use

You can easily manage the tracking of your objects with our graphical user interface. It is clear, intuitive and versatile. You can use it as a visualisation of the track and trace process in your fully automated production chain or as a standalone application in a quality assurance test stand. It can be viewed on a touch screen near your machine, a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet as well as your personal computer.

Our Team

We are a team of young entrepreneurs thrilled to deliver you the best solution to improve your business. With our perfect set of skills and our deep knowledge of track and trace technologies we are able to deliver a product, that is tailored for your needs.

Detagtos roots are the Hahn-Schickard Research Institute in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We are still located on the campus of the University of Stuttgart, where we have a close look on the newest trends and innovations and are able to use a huge set of different machines and services for our development.








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Detagto would like to thank all of its partners and supporters!

Detagto has been funded as part of the Exist-Gründerstipendium by the German Ministry of of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the European Social Fund (ESF).